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Dream Home Build


This signature project helped launch our company and is an example of our attention to quality, craftsmanship and forward thinking.


Starting with a 700 square foot bungalow in East York, we took it down to the foundation and brick exterior walls with the plan of creating a 2,300 square foot 5+1 bedroom modern home.

The exterior of the home includes a triple material finish (cement board, ledge stone, wood siding) for a solid and well insulated barrier.  The green roof is solar ready and boasts solar powered venting skylights which help naturally cool the home during moderate weather.  The windows were oriented to maximize the solar gain and light (including automated shades) to make it a very bright and welcoming space.

The interior features engineered floors, a large and modern kitchen, and a cantilevered floating and glass encased staircase which creates a 30 foot high column of light that brightens every floor including the basement.  Utilizing a tankless water system with a recirculation system helps provide near instant hot water throughout the house for showers or the soaker tub.  An energy recovery unit helps to bring fresh air inside the home while exchanging the heat/humidity from the air to minimize energy loss.

The concrete patio spans nearly the entire home, was poured from a single slab of reinforced concrete, and features a large cellar below for your storage needs.  The list goes on!

This home is built to last. It’s with pride that we apply these values and building principles to all of our Client’s projects.

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